Hermès “Poste et Cavalerie” silk scarf by Joachim Metz

Poste et Cavalerie HERMES Joachim Metz designed and the Maison Hermès first issued the Poste et Cavalerie or Post en Cavalerie in 1986.

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Nice silk Poste et Cavalerie Hermes scarf designerd by J. Metz. First release in 1986

The theme of this scarf is centered around the Sabretache (saber bag), a flat bag worn by an officer hung from a belt attached to his saber.
The sabretache was often heavily embroidered and beautifully decorated with the royal or regimental coat of arms.
It replaced a typical bag that was absent from period uniforms.
Dominant color blue, red

88 cm Carré

Excellent condition 9/10

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Fabulous Vintage Hermès Silk Scarf “Poste et Cavalerie” or “Cavalry Posts (or Regiments)” was designed by Joachim Metz and first issued in 1986. This scarf is an original issue. he theme for this scarf is centered around the Sabretache (saber bag), a flat bag worn by an officer suspended from a belt attached to his saber. The Sabretache was usually heavily embroidered and beautifully adorned with the royal or regimental crest. It replaced a pocket typicality absent from uniforms of that period. Its numerous purposes varied from carrying orders to containing fire making utensils. The Sabretache was popular between the early 18th century and gradually phased out before the turn of the 20th century. All the Sabretaches in Monsieur Metz’s scarf date back to Louis XIV, the Sun King himself. Our pre-owned carré is in near pristine condition with no evidence of ever being worn. No issues to declare: fabric/care label attached; hems are intact, round and plump; no stains, spots, pin holes, snags or thread pulls. The colorway of pink, white, yellow gold and burnished gold and teal and black accents year round fashion elegance. The silk feels and colors appear “new.” There is no Hermès box for this scarf.