Hermès jacquard silk scarf “Emblemes de L’Europe” by C. Latham

Hermès jacquard silk scarf “Emblemes de L’Europe” by C. Latham. Jascquard silk with stars. More Hermès scarves check our site

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Vintage Hermès silk scarf Emblèmes de l’Europe was designed by Caty Latham and first issued in 1993.
Beautiful jacquard silk with woven stars creates a beautiful soft yellow background for the various emblems from the different countries of the European Union.

Germany, France, Great Britain and Italy mark the four corners with the remaining European crests, consisting of a wreath.

Due to the laborious process, jacquard silk is no longer used for Hermès scarves.
As a result, the jacquard silk scarves from Hermès have become real collector’s items

Hand-rolled hem

Dimensions 90 cm square

Excellent condition

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Woven patterns are created on a special type of a loom, the jacquard loom, which can be programmed to achieve the desired woven patterns. This fabulous invention is credited to a French merchant and weaver, Joseph Marie Jacquard, who was born in 1752 to a large family in Lyon. Lyon is home to the factory where Hermes produces their carres to this day.

Hermès typically uses a silk twill for their 90 cm squares, but on occasion, a special design would be produced on a silk jacquard. I have noticed that majority of the jacquards were produced in the early 1990s but production became less and less as the decade came to an end with production ceasing completely in 2001/2002.

There are numerous Hermès jacquard patterns, which typically correlate with the overall design of the scarf. Perfect examples can be seen in the La Comedie Italienne (more on this scarf here) that features guitar and lute players and which are echoed in a beautiful lute and guitar pattern.